Two City Industry is located in Nanping, the hometown of bamboo in China. Our bamboo factories are locating in bamboo town Nan ping, Fujian, the hometown of bamboos in China. Our factories are surrounded by 22172666 hectare wood and bamboo, which is around 351333 hectare “Mao” Bamboo. All these enable us to offer bamboo products in very competitive cost.
Two City has been devoting in bamboo products for indoors and outdoors since 1998.We supply high quality bamboo products from indoor to outdoor, from ground to ceiling. Our bamboo products have been exported to USA, Canada, Holland, Belgium, France, Australia, Russia, Vietnam etc
Our Factories are specializing in bamboo products for indoor and outdoor. We produce high quality bamboo plywood, bamboo panels, bamboo veneer, bamboo beams, lumbers, countertop, fence, pole, bamboo decking, bamboo flooring, strand bamboo, horse stable, bamboo cutting boards and other bamboo craft products, like bamboo kitchenware, office bamboo products and bathroom bamboo products. We offer all bamboos for contractors, builders, gardeners, designers, importers, distributors and architects. Two City Industry always offer customized bamboo products.
All Bamboo products from Two City Industry meets high quality standard for different products. We achieve different certifications for our bamboo products. We have ISO9001, ISO14001, BSCI, SGS certification,  CE certification, FSC certification.
For bamboo kitchenware products, we use food grade glues and we have FDA certification. For example, we have FDA certification for bamboo cutting boards. We can work out the FDA certification under customers’ name.
We have professional export QC team for all bamboo products. W
Quality inspection for bamboo cutting boards
Bamboo PackingSolid Bamboo Serving Tray manufacturers

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